Louis Vuitton Sandali Nero Shiny - Luxury Aparell

Louis Vuitton Black Shiny Sandals

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Louis Vuitton sandals

Louis Vuitton, a brand a guarantee.


The new Louis Vuitton sandals will allow you to bring some freshness even when you go to the sea!

Having these sandals is a must for all brand lovers!

Cut Solet in Cm
36EU 24cm
37EU 24.5cm
38EU 25cm
39EU 25.5cm
40EU 25.9cm
41EU 26.5cm
42EU 27cm
43EU 27.5cm
44EU 28cm
45EU 28.5cm

*The shoes are UA (Unauthorized Authentic) or are made in the same factories that distribute to official dealers (Nike, Adidas,...) but are not registered with real ID.Because these factories produce many more items than those required by the market. To avoid destruction they come sold separately.

Payment via Bank Transfer or Post Repair

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