Are they authentic?

The shoes are UA (Unauthorized Authentic) or are made in the same factories that distribute to official retailers (Nike, Adidas, ...) but are not registered with real ID. As these factories produce many more articles than those required by the market. To avoid destruction they are resold separately.


Size guide

How do I choose the right size?

Take the shoe that usually wears and measure the slab, then compares it with the table below:

Cut Solothurn in cm
36eu 24cm
37EU 24.5cm
38EU 25cm
39EU 25.5cm
40EU 25.9cm
41EU 26.5cm
42EU 27cm
43EU 27.5cm
44EU 28cm
45EU 28.5cm



Why should I buy from you?

- fast shipping with traceable DHL (3-5 days)

-Reso and free gearbox within 14 days of the arrival of the package

- Dedicated assistance also on Sundays and holidays

- Post-sales support without equal

Frequent questions

Are they original or a scam?


The shoes are ua or more simply authentic unauthorized ...


And what does it mean?

The shoes are produced by the same factories but resold "underwater" through unofficial channels.


And why?

The brands commission the factories only a number of products, they are altrocanto are paid to the piece and consequently produce more than what is required.


Okay now I understand, but can I trust if I get a ciofeca?

Let's say that it has never happened in 3 years that someone complained about the quality, but being that there is always a first time you are covered for 14 days from the arrival of the package if you have the wrong size or you don't like the product.


Payment methods?

Since we cannot have payment processors (and for obvious reasons) the only two methods areBank transfer and Postepay top-up.


But they are not as secure as methods!

A fine for fraud in Italy starts from 2000 to 10,000 soldiers, would you ever risk a figure of the genre to cheat some people for a lower figure?

Are you reliable?

Scroll down on the page and you will find reviews of people who have already purchased from us, or click on the yellow button here down!

Everything nice but ... I have other questions ...
No problem, write us using the contact form you find on this page!